— Legendary ALTEC LANSING 604 Duplex Speaker With Original ALTEC Enclosure. Price $4,350.

ALTEC-Lansing-604-Duplex-Speaker Highly collectible, cherished, and sought after by audio aficionados, the ALTEC LANSING 604 Duplex speaker represents the pinnacle of sound quality for the last 75 years.
If you found this listing, you probably do not need much information, as you already know what this is. These speakers were used in studios, discotheques, movie theaters, churches, and any other place where quality of sound was in demand. Affluent individuals bought the speakers too and often built their own enclosures to save money. This may be one of the reasons why original enclosures or cabinets are so hard to come by. Another reason is the fact that stereo was not available before 1958 and you would typically only need one speaker. The speaker offered here was made around 1947.
Spending hours on the internet, I was able to find only one picture of the same original enclosure.
If you live overseas, to crate this enclosure and bring it to the nearest shipping terminal will cost $450. Best if you live close by and you can pick it up.
While speakers turn up occasionally on eBay, especially the later models, the original 604 is hard to find. At the time I'm writing this, sombody in Australia is offering two original ALTEC Lansing 604 Duplex speakers for $15,999 (without enclosures!)
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Posted on 31 July 2023, 22:02 - Category: HiFi Gear
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