— Rare Bryant’s Celestial Indicator, pat. Sept. 10, 1872. Price $8,750.00

Bryant-Celestial-Indicator Bryant’s Celestial Indicator is a unique two-in-one instrument, combining an Armillary Sphere and an Orrery inside the Sphere that shows relative planetary movement in the Solar System.
Henry Bryant of Hartford, Connecticut, invented this beautiful astronomical device for which he was awarded the patent with the number 131,148, on September 10, 1872.
He described in his patent application as the Nature and Objects of his Invention: “My invention is an instrument for use in schools, collages, and the like, for illustrating and explaining various celestial phenomena, such as are commonly the subject of study and investigation in pursuing the study of astronomy.”
With his instrument, phenomena like the changes of seasons, the Earth’s nutation, solar and lunar eclipses, star constellations and their associated zodiac signs, celestial measurements, solstices and their propinquity toequitorial coordinates, i.e. right ascension and declination, precession of the equinoxes, the ecliptic and celestial equator, spring and neap tide, and much more can be explained.
Bryant’s Celestial Indicator is probably the most comprehensive instrument ever invented to explain Astrology.
Somewhat delicate, only very few survived and are highly sought after. read more>>

Posted on 20 May 2023, 20:19 - Category: Scientific Instruments
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