— Only Known Surveying Instrument Signed J.MORSE (18th Century). Sold!

Samuel F. B. Morse, the inventor of the Telegraphic Code, the MORSE-CODE is well known by everybody; his 18th-Century-Semi-Circumferentor-Signed-J.MORSE
father, Jedidiah Morse, born in Woodstock Connecticut in 1761 is less know even so he was the first to published an all encompassing work on the United States Geography in Colonial Times in 1784. It was an instant best-seller and earned him the sobriquet of “Father of American Geography.” He was a Yale graduate, minister of Charlestown Massachusetts for thirty years, scholar of Indians, politician, philanthropist, and so much more. As an investor, he bought for instance ten shares issued to finance the first Massachusetts Turnpike in 1791 for $291. Also included is a letter Jedidiah Morse wrote to his wife in 1795, read more>>

Posted on 25 Jan 2023, 01:24 - Category: Scientific Instruments
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