—Exceedingly rare and fine quadruple Clepsammia or Hourglass, probably the finest extant example from the 17th century in the world. Price $16,200.

Only scientists and noble men could afford an instrument like this back in the 17th century. Therefore, only few were ever made. Once dropped to the ground, the instrument was destroyed. Thumbnail-image-of-item,-click-to-download-large-image! Most individuals never heard of a clepsammia from the 17th century, not even of a single double bubble clepsammia. There is nothing to be found on Google; that is how rare these are. I was only able to find records of two other 17th century quadruple clepsammias or hour-glasses. The other two are not complete and have missing parts. The one I'm offering here is in all original complete preservation, and this after 400 years!
Incredible find; Nathaniel Potter the II, son of immigrant Nathaniel Potter who came to the USA in 1628 from England, brought this quadruple Clepsammia somewhen between 1650 and 1700 from one of his trips to Europe back to the United States. A descendant, 13 generations removed, had it in his possession until 2016 when I bought it from him.
Since then I did a lot of research. However, I was only able to find records of two other quadruple early 17th century Clepsammias or Hourglasses through my research outside major museums; this is an incredible rare Hourglass of which most collectors have not even seen pictures of, even advanced collectors. Imagine, this delicate Hourglass with its hand-blown glass spheres was never dropped in 400 years! I also have never seen an image in any of the many books about scientific instruments out there; this is how rare these early 17th century clepsammias or Hourglasses are! This is not just an antique, this is from the 17th century!
The leading collector in the field, famous French writer and intellectual, Jacques Attali, owns one of the other two known extant instruments. His quadrupple Hourglass is pictured in his book, “Mémoire de Sabliers.” read more>>

Posted on 03 Dec 2021, 22:37 - Category: Scientific Instruments
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