— One of only three known extant Frank S. Baldwin Calculators Patented in 1902. Sold!

Frank-Stephen-Baldwin-Calculator-of-1902 Frank Stephen Baldwin was in the truest sense an American Inventor; his inventions included a cement mixer, merry go round, a machine to measure lumber, and many other innovations he was holding patents for.
The most seminal work Baldwin is famous for is his work improving the machines we call calculators, adding machines, and computing machines.
Baldwin was granted not less than ten United States Patents for such mechanical marvels of technology.
The most important patent granted to Baldwin was the patent no. 159,244, granted February 2, 1875, with the title, “IMPROVEMENT IN CALCULATING MACHINES.”
Writing this description, a big effort was made into clarifying who the inventor of the so called “pinwheel” is, Odhner or Baldwin. I found a report written by the foremost expert in the filed at the time, L. Leland Locke, which will do away with any doubts of even the most difficult skeptic that Baldwin deserves the credit and not Odhner.
I also found a patent granted to Baldwin which I have never seen mentioned anywhere. It is the patent with the no. 641,065, applied for on August 3, 1899, granted January 9. 1900, with the title, “CALCULATING MACHINE.”
The machine offered here is the first machine with pinwheels Baldwin manufactured and sold in small numbers; read more>>

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