—Very Early Leclanche Battery Sold!


French Scientist Georges Lionel Leclanché is considered the inventor of the dry-cell battery, the battery which for decades powered portable electric powered gadgets from flashlights to radios to GPS.
Leclanche's original battery he patented in 1866 and perfected with his second patent of 1867 is probably the most important invention when it comes to batteries. While the battery initially was not suitable for high constant currents, it was cheap to manufacture and lasted a long time.
First it was extensively used for telegraphy, later for telephones and all kinds of bells. Telephone conversations became inaudible if they lasted to long. While the Telephone was not used, the battery would always recover and lasted a long time or till the zinc rod or carbon pile was used up and new electrodes needed to be fitted inside the glass jar.
Georges Leclanché never lived to see the battery market really take off, unfortunately he died of cancer in 1882. read more>>

Posted on 19 Jun 2023, 23:21 - Category: Scientific Instruments
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