— Seeley’s Portable X-Ray Machine From 1915. Sold!

James E. Seeley was a prolific inventor with an ingenious mind. Many patents were issued to his name. VULCAN-COIL-COMPANY-portable-X-ray-machine The portable X-ray machine offered here was manufactured by Vulcan Coil Company located in Los Angeles, California; a company Seeley was one of the incorporators. Seeley protected this machine with three patents which were issued in 1915 and 1916 in his name.
Only very few were ever built, the machine offered here has serial number G209 and powers an early high frequency cold-cathode ion-X-ray-tube with auto-regeneration invented by Henry Lyman Sayen and patented in 1897, just two years after Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered X-rays on November 8 1895. X-rays were also called Röntgen-rays to honor its inventor.
Most early X-ray machines utilized induction coils powered by direct current to create the high tension needed to create X-rays. The Vulcan Coil offered here is powered by 110 Volts alternating current and uses a special coil which was patented by Seeley on October 19, 1915.
Little was known about the danger of X-rays at the time; radiologists taking X-rays of patients did not protect themselves from the harmful radiation and many suffered greatly and died young.
Today X-ray technology is so advanced that natural radiation is not much greater than having taken a diagnostic X-ray from a radiologist or dentist. Read more>>

Posted on 12 May 2023, 20:20 - Category: Scientific Instruments
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