—Exceedingly rare and very ornate early battery Novelty Light, the only one known of its kind!


Thomas A. Edison worked tirelessly on his incandescent light bulb which he finally perfected in 1879. This remarkable invention did away with open flames and their inherent danger to start all kinds of fires. It was also the first necessary step to replace the portable candlestick or candle light with a battery powered light. First attempts were made with wet-cell batteries but for obvious reasons the liquid acid used in such “portable” lights proved to be impractical. Another necessary invention had to be made to make the portable light practical; the dry-cell battery. French inventor Georges Lionel Leclanche invented the Zinc-Carbon dry cell BATTERY and protected his invention with US Patent no. 64,113 which issued on April 23, 1867.
Several improvements were necessary to get to the point were Zinc-Carbon dry-cell batteries were save to use in portable lights, read more>>

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