— Walker’s Pocket Camera; The First Pocket Camera. Sold!

Walker’s Pocket Camera was the first pocket camera on the market. William H. Walker received a patent on June 6, 1882 for his pocket camera which still used glass dry-plates which were heavy. Even so the camera was very light, the intended use for the camera was unpractical as the glass plates were heavy. Intended for travelers, double holders with dry-plates for 100 photograpahs weighed about 50lb, less than dry-plates for larger plates but still too much to carry around on trips. alternat-description The Walker pocket camera had a format of 2¾ by 3¼ still lighter than larger formats like 5 by 7, 6½ by 8½ and 8 by 10 inches.
The Walker Pocket Camera was a failure, hence, there are only five extant.
Walker was mechanically inclined as he was by training a mechanical engineer. He eventually sold his company and teamed up with Eastman. Together they launched the KODAK point-and-shoot camera six years later which brought the sought success. Walker invented the roll-film-back and Eastman the paper film. The KODAK, which sold for $25 in 1888, made the two world famous and wealthy, read more>>

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