— Exceedingly rare and early Hatfield Adding Machine patented in 1854. Sold!


There are probably only eight of these early American Adding Machines known to exist. Aaron L. Hatfield was born in Pennsylvania in 1819 and as a 35 year old man, he invented, patented, manufactured, marketed and sold these adders or adding machines himself while he was living in Lewisburg PA, USA.

As an inventor he patented improvements in pruning shears, pumps, and bag holders.
He moved to Green Springs Ohio and worked as photographer, more specifically, as ambrotypist. He moved again to Constantine in Michigan to work yet in a different occupation; he is listed there as watchmaker. Aaron Hatfield was a man with many talents.

This adding machine is capable to add up numbers up-to 9,999. A simple mechanism performs a carry-over for every operation which goes above 99. The serial number of this machine is 399; read more>>

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